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Ocean Observatories Camp

The Ocean Observatories camp gave students the opportunity to work with professional research scientists and explore the inner workings of one of the world’s leading ocean observatories: SATURN.

Glider Workshop.The Glider Workshop was taught in Astoria as part of the Ocean Observatories Camp.

Research Cruise Video Blog

Jeff Cruise VideosLast summer I went on a research cruise aboard the R/V Wecoma. The project was to capture the human factor about working and living at sea. Each day I would shoot, edit, and then uploaded videos to our web site from the ship. I have compiled all the videos in one place for you to watch.

Glider Mission Pics

The CMOP field team set out on their second glider deployment. The seas were calm as we traveled about 25 miles out into the ocean to launch the glider.

Glider Launch
Danny helps deploy the glider off the ship.

The gliders name is Phoebe. The rope on her tail end is only there during system tests.

Glider Mission - 4 PM

Seasick JeffI had the best of intentions to update my blog with the glider mission status. Then we crossed the Columbia Bar into the ocean.

Glider Mission - 9 AM

Glider Mission - May 2009I am aboard the R/V Forerunner with the field team from Astoria. Katie Rathmell is leading us on a mission to launch the underwater glider in the ocean. We will cross the Columbia Bar and head out into the Pacific Ocean. There we plan to run two 30 minute tests to ensure all systems are operating properly.

AUV Video

CMOP scientists test out a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in the North Channel of the Columbia River estuary. The science team will use the AUV to study the physics of internal waves and mixing near the sea surface and the sea floor.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Test Run

Craig McNeil is the leader of the mission.
Craig McNeil, APL-UW oceanographer, is the leader of the AUV mission.

Research Web Project

Are you confused on what kind of research projects are going on at CMOP?

Have you struggled to find data on our web site?

Well you are in luck!

We have began a project to improve the web navigation for research & data areas and better communicate the research centers programs & projects on the web.

It would be great to hear your comments or suggestions.

Wecoma Cruise: What is Provided and What to Bring

Jeff standing next to the R/V WecomaI have returned from the research cruise on the Wecoma. It was a tremendous experience working with Byron Crump and the rest of the team. Plus you couldn't ask for a better crew then those aboard the Wecoma. Here are a few things I learned about what the Wecoma provides you and what supplies you should bring:


1. Meals (3 squares a day) plus coffee, tea, candy, and ice cream
2. Bedding, pillow, and towels (feel free to bring your own)
3. Washing machines and dryers; soap is available.
4. Television, DVD player and large library of DVD's.
5. Books 6. Ping Pong Table (be ready for Capt. Rick's killer game)
7. Internet connections
8. Computer with Internet connection and games


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