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K-12 Student Programs

CMOP's mission is to develop groundbreaking scientific research that transforms the field of environmental science. As educators, we seek to support this mission by exposing students and teachers to our work, inspiring students to become the future scientists who will continue this research in the years ahead. Interested in what we do? We have many ways for you to get involved! From teacher training, camps & classes, web-based tutorials, and even highschool internships, there is a way for you to experience CMOP science firsthand.


Teacher Resources Teacher Resources
CMOP provides classroom activities, web-based tools, and professional development to help educators bring CMOP science into their schools.
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CMOP Videos Multimedia
Your source for lectures, podcasts, award winning videos, and more, all highlighting CMOP's groundbreaking research.
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CSC CMOP School Collaboratory
CMOP School Collaboratory is designed around the concept that it takes a community to develop a scientist. By partnering with local high schools, CMOP works to integrate its cutting-edge science into existing science, math, and writing curricula, generating enthusiasm and building relevance into student's academic experience.
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Apprenticeships Internships
CMOP has several ways to get students into the lab and out in the field doing environmental research. High schoolers can get involved through Saturday Academy's summer Apprentiships in Science & Engineering (ASE) program, or maintain a longer relationship interning throughout the academic year. There's no better way to learn about the world of marine science than to actually do it, under the direction of real scientists!
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Classes and Camps Classes & Camps
CMOP and Saturday Academy have partnered to offer a series of fun classes and camps highlighting CMOP research for 6th-12th grade students. Past topics have included microbiology, marine biology, oceanography, ocean technology, and many more! With classes offered on Saturdays, or for full weeks during the summer, it's easy to get involved in marine science with CMOP!
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Teacher/Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
CMOP loves working directly with students, but we understand that we maximize the number of students we reach through our work with teachers. With that in mind, CMOP has hosted teachers for summer projects, co-led professional development workshops, and partnered with teachers to create original curricula.
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Glossary If you come across a term on our website that you do not understand, check our extensive glossary for answers to your questions!