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SELFE - open-source community-supported modeling system for estuarine and ocean system

  • Cross-scale river-to-ocean circulations
  • Tsunami hazards
  • Storm surge
  • Sediment transport
  • Ecology & water quality
  • Oil spill
  • Short wave-current interaction (Wind Wave Model II)

ELCIRC - 3D numerical circulation model for coastal margins

  • Shallow water equations
  • Eulerian-Lagragian treatment of advection in both momentum and transport equations
  • Unstructured grids
  • Finite volumes/finite differences
  • Core developers: Joseph Zhang, Ed Myers, and Antonio Baptista, OHSU

TsunamiEvac-NW - mobile version of "NANOOS Tsunami Evacuation Zones" for Android

  • Oregon and Washington tsunami evacuation zone map
  • At -a-glance view of where the tsunami hazard zones are along the Oregon and Washington coast, and allows you to map whether your home, work, school, etc. is located in a tsunami evacuation zone or not.
  • enables you to save your current position or points of interest via GPS or address look-up.

VisTrails - open-source scientific workflow and provenance management system that provides support for simulations, data exploration and visualization. developed at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah.

  • Full support for the VTK visualization library
  • Complete provenance for both the results and the workflow itself.
  • Collaborative development workflow tools
  • Integration with CMOP simulation datasets

PySOS - serves data in a relational database through the SOS interface, and is written entirely in Python. Configuration involves specifying a few metadata fields and four SQL queries -- no programming required.