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Cruise Video Blog: What is a CTD?

H, my name is Jeff Schilling and this is my job. (sorry about borrowing the line from Mike Rowe.) Chief scientist Byron Crump has assigned me to a 12 hour shift of performing CTD casts during the research cruise. In today's blog, I learn about the CTD from the marine technician, Dave O'Gorman.

Cruise Video Blog: Day One

I have boarded the R/V Wecoma to film what life is like aboard a research cruise. For the next 10 days, I will be shooting, editing, and uploading daily video blogs of the activities aboard ship. In today's blog, we get a quick tour of the R/V Wecoma, undergraduate intern Lauren Vice shows us what she packed for the cruise, and I attempt to put on the emergency life suit in under 60 seconds. Enjoy!

Old Man and the Sea

The R/V Wecoma research cruise in July has allowed me to come aboard to film research life on the ship. The idea is to capture the human factor about working and living at sea for 10 days. My plan is to film the research processes happening aboard the ship. Each night I will upload a short video blog to show you what we did that day. Should be fun.

SATURN logo - Final Version

SATURN This is my final design of the new SATURN sub logo. You may be asking yourself, what does it mean?

Jeff's VBlog: First Day at CMOP

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The halls of the Cooley Science Center were hauntingly quiet at 8 a.m. this morning as I started my first day at CMOP. I was hired to be the web/marketing coordinator, a great opportunity to help tell their story. As I walked through the silent building, I wondered how much was actually going on in the center. Those concerns would all fade within the first hour.


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