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AUV Mouth of the Columbia River Experiment
CMOP scientists use underwater robotic vehicles to study the mouth of the Columbia River. Using a couple of GoPros, we wanted to let you experience how intense it can get retrieving an AUV.

DNA Me and My Science
Sheree Watson, a CMOP graduate student, created this short video explaining her research with single cell organisms that live in water.

DNA Second Step in DNA Extraction
A tutorial for isolating DNA from a field sample acquired from an aquatic source.

Red Water Red Water
CMOP scientists are studying the massive blooms of non-toxic red algae that form in the Columbia River estuary.

Myrionecta rubra Modeling Animation
Computer simulation used to model the red water blooms in the Columbia River estuary.

A Glider Named "Phoebe"
Katie Rathmell and the CMOP field team set out on their second glider mission.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
Craig McNeil and his team test an AUV to study internal waves in the Columbia River estuary and near plume system.

Biogeochemical Monitoring
Professor Joe Needoba explains the importance of biogeochemical monitoring in an estuary.

Sitka Retrieving Sitka
Sitka is a scientific mooring that has spends six months in the Pacific Ocean collecting and transmitting data readings to land. View the recovery of Sitka.

Mooring Deployment
View one technique used to deploy a small mooring from the R/V Wecoma.

Estuarine Turbidity Maximum (ETM)
Graduate student Nirzwan Bandolin talks about his interests in the ETM.

Research Cruise
Jeff Schilling documents 10 days aboard a research cruise.

Argos Drifter
The CMOP research team collects data on aging plume water using a drifter.

Dave O'Gorman, R/V Wecoma marine technician, gives an overview of the CTD.

Primary Productivity Measurements
Peter Kahn, OHSU graduate student, explains one technique to perform primary productivity measurements.

First Step in DNA Extraction
Caroline Fortunato, University of Maryland graduate student, demonstrates the first step in DNA extraction of water samples during a research cruise.

Bacterial Production Measurement
Byron Crump, CMOP scientist, performs bacterial production measurement of our latest water samples in the radioactive isotope lab.

RNA Filtering Process
Lauren Vice, undergraduate research intern, demonstrates RNA filtering of water samples aboard the R/V Wecoma.

Elise Engler: Bringing art & science together
Armed with 11 baskets filled with 160 colored pencils, Engler drew each piece of scientific equipment aboard the RV Wecoma.

Summer Undergraduate Internship
The CMOP Summer Undergraduate Internship hosts college students from around the country to perform river-to-ocean research and enjoy the beauty of Oregon.