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Education Overview

CMOP Education

CMOP’s coastal-systems research and broad range of educational activities and partners provide unique educational and career-advancement opportunities, for students and teachers alike, at every level. Study opportunities include a broad range of topics– such as understanding the impact of climate on oceans and coasts, managing natural resources, mitigating natural hazards, and protecting fragile ecosystems.


CMOP provides opportunities for students to engage in interdisciplinary studies. We can do this because CMOP’s research includes and integrates fields such as coastal oceanography, environmental microbiology, biogeochemistry, computational sciences, and information technology. Our education and training programs produce professionals with the tools and background for rewarding careers in and across these quickly-growing fields.

Multi-Institutional Research Center

CMOP is one of seventeen National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers across the USA, each of which is interdisciplinary and has a unique focus. CMOP’s three-fold focus is in coastal margin science, coastal-margin collaboratories, and enabling technologies. CMOP is a collaboration among several leading research institutions, including:

Commitment to Diversity

The Center is committed to improving the diversity of the U.S. workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math (i.e., the STEM disciplines). Women and persons from underrepresented minority groups are encouraged to become involved with CMOP.
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