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Glider Mission - 4 PM

Seasick JeffI had the best of intentions to update my blog with the glider mission status. Then we crossed the Columbia Bar into the ocean.

The seas were rough. 8 - 10 foot swells. The 50 foot vessel felt tiny as it bobbed up and down. I spent a great deal of time sitting outside on the back deck while we traveled to the launch site. Didn't get sick for the longest time. Then I walked back into the wheelhouse and witnessed the roller coaster ride over a large wave. That pretty much did in my stomach. I scurried out to the rail and launched my breakfast.

The seas were too rough to launch the glider. The team decided to run various computer telemetry test on the vehicle. All functions worked out well. They were confident it could be launched in better seas.

So with that, we head back to port at the Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station (MERTS) near Astoria.