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Virtual Columbia River

Virtual Columbia River
  The Virtual Columbia River is a skill-assessed 4D (space-time) simulation environment that offers multiple representations of circulation processes, variability and change across river-to-shelf scales. Circulation includes water levels, salinity, temperature, and velocities. The primary computational engine is the baroclinic circulation code SELFE

Operational products

Daily forecasts – Predictions directed at near real-time scientific planning and interpretation.

Decade-scale retrospective simulation databases - Simulations directed at understanding variability and change in the contemporary system.

Climatological Atlas – Offers insights into multiple scales of variability of the contemporary system, via statistics of multiple indicators.

Interactive products

On-demand particle tracking – Allows release of virtual drifers.

Other products

Process simulations – Simulations addressing hypothesis-driven science questions, typically centered on events and gradient regions

Scenario simulations – Simulations directed at understanding anthropogenic and climate impacts.

Open benchmark – Basic tests to inter-compare and improve models and modeling strategies.