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Wecoma Cruise: What is Provided and What to Bring

Jeff standing next to the R/V WecomaI have returned from the research cruise on the Wecoma. It was a tremendous experience working with Byron Crump and the rest of the team. Plus you couldn't ask for a better crew then those aboard the Wecoma. Here are a few things I learned about what the Wecoma provides you and what supplies you should bring:


1. Meals (3 squares a day) plus coffee, tea, candy, and ice cream
2. Bedding, pillow, and towels (feel free to bring your own)
3. Washing machines and dryers; soap is available.
4. Television, DVD player and large library of DVD's.
5. Books 6. Ping Pong Table (be ready for Capt. Rick's killer game)
7. Internet connections
8. Computer with Internet connection and games

Supplies You Need to Bring

1. Passport (not really a supply but a legal requirement)
2. Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Deodorant, Aspirin, etc.)
3. Motion sickness patches (or other medicine) I used the Scopolomine patches because Dramamine and Bonine are not strong enough for me. (same with Byron Crump) Take the time to investigate and purchase motion sickness medicine. It feels pretty lousy.
4. Alarm clock
5. Water proof clothes (especially during the stormy seasons)
6. Books (an option to the collection on the ship)
7. Spare pair of comfy shoes (e.g. slippers, trainers) for inside the boat for when your shift is finished (not those you will use for work in case those gets very wet).
8. New Movies on DVD (You would make the crew happy by bringing something they haven't seen.)
9. i-Pods (or mp3 player)
10. Laptop
11. Your favorite pillow
12. Oh and by the way, you can bring your guitar. The Wecoma has several accomplished musicians that work aboard. Chip Millard, 1st Asst Engineer, and Doug Capps, cook, jammed with intern, Justin Roberts on our cruise.