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10/28/16 - Columbia Basin Bulletin
02/11/2016 - University of Washington - UWTODAY


11/19/2015 - EOS - Earth & Space Science News


OHSU tribal gathering focuses on collaboration
01/22/14 - OHSU Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Top 10 most viewed microbiology research articles in 2013
01/07/14 - Frontiers in Microbiology

OHSU faculty member teaching oceanography in Antarctica
01/06/14 - OHSU Research News


Interview with Dr. Joseph Needoba on teaching oceanography in Antarctica
12/22/13 - Students on Ice

Life's River - Saving the Pacific Lamprey
Fall 2013 - Heritage University: Wings

Columbia River Interns go with the Flow
Fall 2013 - Heritage University: Wings

Our Global Estuary
10/23/13 - WQCS: NPR for the Treasure Coast

IOOS Director Visits Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction (CMOP)
October 2013 - Integrate Ocean Observing System: News Splash

This Weeks Sci-light! 2013 SACNAS
10/11/13 - C-DEBI Sci-Curious

Native American Chamber Honors OHSU
10/09/13 - OHSU Diversity News

2013 NSF Science and Technology Centers Directors Meeting held at OHSU
08/26/13 - OHSU Research News

Adaptive ESP to look deeper into Columbia River Estuary microbes
08/08/13 - Environmental Monitor

US experience will advance gulf ecosystem research
May 2013 - American Univeristy of Sharjah Research and Graduate Studies Newsletter

AISES People - Sash Hardy
Spring 2013 - American Indian Science and Engineering Society  "Winds of Change"

Teachers "make a splash" on Earth Week with ocean buoy launch off Olympic Coast, WA
04/23/13 - Integrate Ocean Observing System: News Splash


Monitoring station helps track Columbia River’s effects on its estuary
11/20/12 - Environmental Monitor

Bonamici tours educational facility
11/24/12 - Seaside Sun

Columbia River red algae could counter global warming effects
11/17/12 - The Oregonian

Water Based Toxins
04/14/12 - KXL Radio: OHSU Effect

Oceanus Research Voyage
04/03/12 - Ocean Coast Daily News

Changing of the Guard
03/30/12 - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Predicting Ecosystem Changes - Center studies sea-land interface
12/29/11 - US News

Sharjah Ruler to open International Conference on Water, Energy, Environment at American University of Sharjah
11/14/11 -

A New Way To Track the Presence of Toxic Oil Contaminants in Sensitive Ecosystems
11/14/11 - PDX to Gulf Coast

Red Water video earns Telly Award
10/05/11 - Science Buzz

NSF Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction Success Stories
Engineering and Technology Industry Council

OHSU gets $17 million for coast studies
02/28/11 - Sustainable Business Oregon


Vital signs in an estuary: how do you get the data?
2/05/10, Science Buzz

Vital signs in an estuary: red tides
2/05/10, Science Buzz

Vital signs in an estuary: monitoring underwater waves
2/07/10, Science Buzz

Vital signs in an estuary: salinity intrusions
2/07/10, Science Buzz

US-based researcher links storm in Portugal's Madeira to climate change
3/2/10, Publico

A river runs through it all
4/02/10, COSEE NOW-Ocean Gazing

Estuary is the focus of Clatsop Community College’s “Brown Bag Lecture”

CMOP Modeling Technology Helps Recover Glider
5/27/10, OHSU Research News

Observing Hypoxia Along the Oregon and Washington Coasts
Coastal Buoys Re-deployed for Summer

Spring 2010, NANOOS Observer

Rescuing Phoebe
6/03/10, Science Buzz

Predicting Coastal Processes
July 2010, NSF Current Newsletter

Teachers Learn 'Ocean Literacy'
August 2010, District Dialog

OCAMP program promotes ocean literacy, education
November 2010, The NEWS Guard

Collaboration to Focus on Monitoring, Managing the Health of Coastal Regions in the Pacific Northwest
11/11/10, Pharmaceutical Processing


Measuring Salinity in the Columbia River
Fall 2009, NANOOS Observer

Computer Skills Aid Pacific Ocean Study
Fall 2009, Heritage Wings, Heritage University

Ocean Glider Looks Beneath Quinault Indian Nation Traditional Waters
09/29/09, NWIFC News, Olympia, WA

Leadership award recognizes Alan Parker for uniting traditional ecological knowledge and scientific disciplines
11/12/09,  Mother Earth Journal

Alan Parker lauded for uniting traditional knowledge and scientific disciplines
11/13/09,  Indian Country News

Alan Parker: Recognized for uniting traditional knowledge and scientific disciplines
11/20/09,  Indian Country Today


Tsunami may hit Oregon with more force than thought
03/08/2008, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

Bar Pilot vessel donation
03/27/2008, The Daily Astorian, Astoria, OR

Tsunami: The Next Wave
03/29/2008, KOIN-TV, Portland, OR

New Oregon quake zone mapped
04/23/2008, KGW News Channel 8, Portland, OR

Hydriod robot subs to explore Pacific Northwest waters
05/21/2008, Mass High Tech

National Science Center helps plan K-12 curriculum with tribal assistance
08/04/08, Indian Country Today

Student course dives into the causes of tsunamis
08/14/08, Beaverton Valley Times, Beaverton, OR

Tsunami! Coast Challenge Camp
October 2008 Edition, TsuInfo Alert, Washington State Department of Natural Resource

OHSU president visits tribes, IHS
10/23/08, Spilyay Tymoo, Warm Springs, OR

New Cannon Beach maps reveal broader tsunami threat
12/17/08, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

Campus communications
06/08: CMOP Acquires Two Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Systems, OHSU
08/08/08: Sanford Awarded Prestigious Chair, University of Washington
08/08:CMOP welcomes K-12 program coordinator, OHSU
09/16/08: Bringing science and art together at sea, OHSU
Winter 2008: Microscopic Marine Life May Hold Clues to Climate Change, University of Washington


The big picture lurks underwater
09/10/2007, The Daily Astorian, Astoria, OR


OCEANS IN CRISIS Charting a new course toward ocean health
09/19/2006, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

Bacteria moving in to 'coastal dead zone'
09/01/2006, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

NSF Funds A Major Oregon Center For River-To-Ocean Observation And Prediction Based At OHSU
08/31/2006, Medford, Grants Pass, Merlin, and Williams, OR

Rosies 'n' Razzies
08/31/2006, Gazette Times, Corvallis, OR

Federal project to study mouth of Columbia
08/30/2006, The Daily News, Longview, WA

Grant boosts research in ocean-river interaction
08/30/2006, Daily Astorian, Astoria, OR

Agency funds Ore. coastal research
08/30/2006: Independent Record, Helena, MT

A voyage to unlock Columbia's secrets
08/29/2006, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

OHSU gets grant for new center
08/29/2006, Portland Business Journal, Portland, OR

U.S. science agency funds study center
08/29/2006, Associated Press

"U.S. agency funds Oregon-based research center"
08/29/2006, KATU 2, Portland, OR

"U.S. science agency funds Oregon-based coastal research center"
08/29/2006, KGW News Channel 8, Portland, OR

Seeking answers where river meets ocean
09/04/2006, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

Press releases
02/28/2011: OHSU’s Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction Awarded $17 Million Renewal Grant.
10/05/2006: NSF Awards $76 million for 2006 Science and Technology Centers.
08/29/2006: NSF funds a major center for river-to-ocean observation and prediction based at OHSU.
08/29/2006: OSU to study influence of Columbia River, climate change and humans on ocean.
08/29/2006: UW - Coastal ocean observatory extends miles up Columbia River
08/29/2006: Saturday Academy partners on $19 million grant

Campus communications
08/29/2006: President Kohler, OHSU
08/29/2006: Dean Thompson, OHSU Department of Science & Engineering