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Multi-platform field resarch campaign in September

The center is performing a multi-platform campaign during September with operations in the Pacific Northwest coastal-offshore region and the Columbia River estuary. This campaign will expand on the work done earlier in the year, and will provide a summer condition contrast to the earlier spring freshet campaign. Tawnya Peterson and Chris Wingard will lead two research vessels on this campaign.

Date: Aug. 29 - Sept 11, 2009
Chief Scientist: Tawnya Peterson 
Research Vessel: R/V New Horizon
Web: Cruise Web Page
Blog: Cruise Blog

1. CTD casts and sensor-based measurements
2. Water sampling
3. Surface flow-through system
4. Plume Feature Tracking
5. SATURN station calibration
6. Estuary ETM and Myrionecta rubra sampling


Date: May 13-26, 2009
Chief Scientist: Chris Wingard
Research Vessel: R/V Point Sur
Web: Cruise Web Page

1. AUV operations – REMUS 100
2. Slow Drop vertical profiler
3. Boom mounted ADCP/Biosonics
4. Underway system
5. Ship CTD (mode 1)
6. Ship small CTD (mode 2) 7. Pumped near surface water