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R/V Point Sur Research Cruise - September 2009

Date: September 1-14, 2009
Chief Scientist: Chris Wingard
Research Vessel: R/V Point Sur
Document: R/V New Horizon cruise plan (.pdf)


1. AUV operations – REMUS 100. Daylight operation with deployment and recovery of AUV using the ship’s RHIB. Four acoustic beacons will be deployed to help the AUV navigate (25# weight, line, transponder, two surface floats).

2. Slow Drop vertical profiler – frame with CTD and other instruments. It has its own winch, block, etc., and is deployed over the aft A-frame. Operation is much like standard CTD.

3.Boom mounted ADCP/Biosonics – the boom used in the May CMOP cruise will again be mounted on the port side with an additional transducer added. This will be left deployed much of the time, except for transit and ship maneuverability.

4. Underway system – we need pumped water that bypasses the two de-bubblers currently installed in order to measure dissolved gases. Fred Prahl (OSU) is discussing this issue with Mar Tech and Chief Engineer.

5. Ship CTD (mode 1) – standard with rosette for use in ocean and plume

6. Ship small CTD (mode 2) – small system with no rosette for use in the estuary where currents can be strong; same as used in May CMOP cruise.

7.Pumped near surface water – We will bring a small impeller pump (used on the deck) (110 V) with a hose that is loosely attached to the CTD. The tubing is paid out as the package descends. There are clips on the tubing to attach it to the hydrowire every few meters.