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CTD's along the Strawberry Hill Hydroline (9/10/09)

The scientific crew of CMOP's Fall 2009 New Horizon cruise. Adena Kass, Michelle Maier, Pete Kahl, Vikki Campbell, Matt Wolhowe, Natalja Kuvaldina, Justin Reina, Tawnya Peterson, Colleen Durkin, Sara Bender, Yolanda Morales, Grant Law, Morgaine McKibben, Josh Manger, Missy Gilbert, and Patrick Prahl (not pictured: Caroline Fortunado and Fred Prahl)

Crushing pressures, sharks, & laser beams (9/9/09)

Morgaine McKibben and Colleen Durkin create marker-masterpieces on foam chunks in preparation for the 2800 meter CTD drop

Steaming to the Newport Hydroline (9/8/09)

Josh Manger snaps a shot of Cape Disappointment as the New Horizon clears the Columbia River bar

Red water & rainbow seahorses (9/7/09)

Vikki Campbell, Josh Manger, and Michelle Maier return from their myrionecta-hunting expedition, beaming from their successes in the north channel of the Columbia River Estuary

Mythological soap-operas & wet gear (9/6/09)

The number of vampire fiends is on the rise! Doesn't Dracula start off on a ship cursed by the predations of a vampire? Creepy! From left to right: Patrick Prahl, (hidden: Caroline Fortunato, Adena Kass), Vikki Campbell, Michelle Maier, Colleen Durkin, Justin Reina, Morgaine McKibben, Sara Bender, Pete Kahn.

Mark Twain as oceanographer & wiggly dee-vices (9/5/09)

Watching the Washington shoreline go by while steaming back towards Astoria

Food & vampires (9/4/09)

A large subset of the True Blood fans enjoying episode 37 in the lounge. Guess which ones secretly wish they were vampires! From left to right: Michelle Maier, Justin Reina, Sara Bender, Colleen Durkin, Caroline Fortunado, and Pete Kahl.

Venus-dinos and blaming your equipment (9/3/09)

The FlowCAM display builds a collage of the various tiny organisms pumped past its lenses

Despite the reputation science enjoys -- perfectly white lab coats, neatly organized clipboards for recording data, and fancy expensive machines with beeping flashing lights -- stuff goes dirty and wrong all the time. Consequently, we learn to be constantly on guard for equipment failures...well, perhaps memory failure is more often the culprit, but we're getting better. Honest.


Atmospheric phenomena above, squid below (9/2/09)

One of many photos taken of the beautiful skies we enjoyed this evening

Just about everything about the day has been dramatic -- fantastic skies, near-catastrophic accidents, and alien visitations. Ooh, and I ID'd a pomarine jaeger!

Seabirds & Field Repairs (9/1/09)

A weight of confused albatrosses follows along behind the New Horizon, wondering when we are going to pull up our nets.


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