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CRE Baseline Data

Baseline sampling sitesEnlarge map of baseline sampling sites One-day Columbia River estuary surveys intended to provide a time series of estuary conditions and water samples in support of CMOP science. Samples are collected at 14 stations with water processing during transit.

Standard Sampling Data
  1. Log Sheet
  2. CTD cast data
  3. Dissolved Nutrients: Ammonium, Nitrate + Nitrite, Nitrite, Silicic Acid, Ortho-Phosphate
  4. Total Dissolved Nitrogen/Total Dissolved Phosphorus (TDN/TDP)
  5. Total Nitrogen/Total Phosphorus (TN/TP)
  6. Particulate Organic Carbon/Particulate Nitrogen (POC/PN)
  7. Chlorophyll (Chl-a)
  8. DNA/RNA
  9. Light Microscopy (LM) - Note: Run on Flow CAM
  10. Fluorescent Microscopy (FM)
  11. Flow cytometry (FC)
Download blank Baseline sampling log sheet

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