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Science Activities & Curriculum

Looking for ways to bring CMOP science into your educational program? Here is a collection of activities and curricula that can help you get your students into environmental science and utilizing CMOP's data resources. Titles are arranged by the subjects they include.

Physics Chemistry Biology Technology
Exploring Observation Networks Coastal Hypoxia Coastal Hypoxia Exploring Observation Networks
Explorando Red de Observación Hipoxia Costeras Hipoxia Costeras Explorando Red de Observación
Vertical Density Gradients Vertical Density Gradients Habitat Squeeze Visualizing Ocean Observatory Data
Gradientes de densidad verticál Gradientes de densidad verticál Apretón en el hábitat  
    Healthy Rivers  

Coastal Hypoxia: An experiment that demonstrates how nutrient-driven algal growth influences dissolved oxygen levels.

Hipoxia Costeras: Un experimento que demuestra cómo los nutrientes impulsado por el crecimiento de algas influye en niveles de oxígeno disuelto.

Exploring Observation Networks: Explore the various parameters measured by observation networks and become familiar with the websites which provide observing system data.

Explorando Red de Observación: Explorar los diferentes parámetros medidos con red de observación y familiarizarse con los sitios web que ofrecen la observación de los datos del sistema.

Habitat Squeeze: A fun activity that demonstrates how habitat loss impacts salmonid populations.

Apretón en el hábitat: Una actividad divertida que demuestra cómo la pérdida de hábitat impactos poblaciones de salmónidos.

Healthy Rivers: Using macroinvertebrates to determine the health of a river.

Shipworms: Students learn about shipworms as indicators of environmental health.

Vertical Density Gradients: Students explore density in a water system.

Gradientes de densidad verticál: Los estudiantes explorarán la densidad en un sistema de agua.

Visualizing Ocean Observatory Data: A fun web-based tutorial that walks you through the creation of charts and graphs using CMOP's observational data.

* For more activities, see the CMOP-MBARI EARTH Workshop