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WEEKS 7-9: The Big adventure

WOW!! My mind has been blown by the cultural immersion I have experienced in the last three weeks! The first week we started out with meeting with an agency in Moscow called RAIPON.  They are an agency that advocates and takes care of policy  for indigenous populations within Russia.They shared much of their work with indigenous population as well their willingness to have an partnership with Jon and OHSU. According to RAIPON, they have received an immense information pertaining to  mercury and the rivers in Russia.

Week 5 & 6 Everything coming together

Week five and six were filled with finalizing the information that I needed to learn in order to go on my trip for Russia. I decided to take a trip to CRITFC (Columbia River Inter-Tibal Fish Commission), in order to find out what water quality issues were occuring in the very river in my back yard, the Columbia River.  I found out that rising temperature in the river is condsidered a big polluntant within the river.  The lower water quality affects the tribal fishing platform and indigenous populations can no longer drink the water straight out of the river.

Time to Organize

Hello from the pacific northwest! Week number four has come to a close.  I have spent the past week starting to work on my research paper. I finally limited the research paper to three main topics with the help of my mentor, Katie Morrice.  The three main topics is mercury in the enironment, mercury in the food web, and mercury within indigenous population. I am learning how to write an abstract in order to create a research poster for conference season.  My trip is coming up so fast! All my excitement and nerves are in full swing.

A heat wave of excitement- Wk 3

Week 3!  Yes I made it through week three.  So much research, so much information and so much excitement. My excitement consists of preparing for my trip to Siberia.  Yes, you heard that right! I am heading to Siberia with my senior mentor Jon Waterhouse for three weeks and I couldn't be more excited.  We get to meet the indigenous people of the area known as reindeer herders.  We will also be taking a fish sample form the Lena river to see how much methylmercury concentration is within the fish.

CMOP through new eyes- Wk 2

Greetings! Week number two started with a a bit of excitement! The CMOP site visit started with a full spread of free breakfast. I know, how exciting! But on the serious note, there is so much research going on throughout the CMOP institution! Lots of research has been conducted on the Columbia River Estuarine.  Many modeling systems are also creating tons of pertinent information to better understand what is going on within the river system.  During lunch time, the students were able to take time to visit and conversate with the site visit team.

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