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Week 5 & 6 Everything coming together

Week five and six were filled with finalizing the information that I needed to learn in order to go on my trip for Russia. I decided to take a trip to CRITFC (Columbia River Inter-Tibal Fish Commission), in order to find out what water quality issues were occuring in the very river in my back yard, the Columbia River.  I found out that rising temperature in the river is condsidered a big polluntant within the river.  The lower water quality affects the tribal fishing platform and indigenous populations can no longer drink the water straight out of the river. Within the Columbia, mercury is being increased through the creations of dams and the issues of re-lincensing of dams. As a CMOP undergrad group, we visited Bonneville Dam and Hatchery and got to see how the dam works.  We also got to see how the fish travel through the fish ladders and see how the dam counts the fish that go through the ladder. We also hiked up to the top of Multnomah Falls which was such a beautiful sight of the Columbia River.  In end of the week, I have begun to prepare for my trip with the last purchasing of gear and the start of packing. Russia here I come.