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CMOP through new eyes- Wk 2

Greetings! Week number two started with a a bit of excitement! The CMOP site visit started with a full spread of free breakfast. I know, how exciting! But on the serious note, there is so much research going on throughout the CMOP institution! Lots of research has been conducted on the Columbia River Estuarine.  Many modeling systems are also creating tons of pertinent information to better understand what is going on within the river system.  During lunch time, the students were able to take time to visit and conversate with the site visit team. The undergraduates got to practice their "elevator speech".  After lunch, I got to meet some awesome people who work with tribal populations.  They gave me great advice to continue making strives to make the world a better place.  Watching Jon Waterhouse's presentation, helped learn the importance of knowing indgenous peoples past in order to help with our future. What a great site visit! Throughout the rest of the week I continued my research on methylmercury cycling through the food web.  Overall an amazing week!