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Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/16/2015 Day 28

Today I worked on the Phyco data some more. I can separate the dates from the actual data, but when graphing there is a strange error that occurs, that I am trying to plot that contains greater than 2^32. I thought maybe the sheer amount of data, but I then tried to plot only the first ten points and received the same error. I might have to call on some extra help to find out what the problem is.

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/15/2015 Day 27

So I have uploaded the corrected Phyco data into R, but instead of two columns, one for dates and one for data, it’s all smooshed together. I will have to separate it somehow.

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/09/2015 Day 24

I have made time data frames for every year and can now make a yearly graphs of phycoerythrin. I have also been looking into Saturn01 phycho data too. Unfortunately the data is a little funky; there are no different depths and the graph looks very odd. I’ll have to look into this a lot more.

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/08/2015 Day 23

I have figured out how to plot one year at a time. The method is a little complicated but it works. Right now I have only teste it for 2010 at 8.2m but there should be no problem adjusting it to other depths and years. Also Dr. Peterson wants to include data from PE that I have currently been working in but Cyano Watch as well.  This shouldn’t be a problem, but it might take a little longer. 

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/07/2015 Day 22

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent the past two hours figuring out how the convert my string of characters into factors. But at long last I have success. Stage one is complete, and I have time on the x-axis. It took an unearthly amount of google searches and an underwhelming one line of code but ehh. 

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/06/2015 Day 21

I had a great weekend. The forth was amazing; I watched the fireworks off Hawthorn Bridge and went to the Blues Festival. Also my roommate, her parents and grandparents went with me to Fogo de Chao, an amazing Brazilian Steak House. Portland is so much fun.

 But either way I have figured out how to plot all of the phyco data, so next step is looking at breaking it into years. 

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/03/2015 Day 20

So today was actually a holiday so no work for me. I have never heard of having the third of July of as well as the fourth. 

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/02/2015 Day 19

Alrighty, today I spoke with Dr. Peterson again and my official short term task is making a time series of phycoerythrin data. The data is all loaded, but there are a few things that I need to do to get just what Dr. Peterson wants. First I need to be able to graph by year instead of month. Then I need to make sure the x-axis is correctly labeled as time, which is something that has consistently proved problematic. But I’m feeling really good about having a set goal.  

Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/01/2015 Day 18

Today we finaly got some cell count data. My partner uploaded it and I was working on isolating our salinity data from the CT sensor. Everything is set for work so Yay! Also we are having intern pictures tomorrow so hopefully I won’t look like a train wreck. 


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