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Code for Days: A CMOP Experience

07/09/2015 Day 24

I have made time data frames for every year and can now make a yearly graphs of phycoerythrin. I have also been looking into Saturn01 phycho data too. Unfortunately the data is a little funky; there are no different depths and the graph looks very odd. I’ll have to look into this a lot more.

So this is a little later in the day. I have figured out why the graph looked so odd. I was pulling data from the wrong depth and after selecting the correct data set things are looking much more normal and they have three depths like expected but the graphs look very different than the other phychoerythrin sensor. The cyano watch is almost a flat line and the y axis only ranges from 0 to 12 but the other sensor goes as far as 10000. I know they have different calibrations that probably acount for the different levels but overall the first sensor has way more variability than cyano watch. I will have to ask about this.