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Saturday Academy will partner with OHSU to bring science opportunities to young people

Aug. 29, 2006
Contact: Joyce Cresswell/503-725-2338 or Madeline Turnock/503-803-3729.

Saturday Academy Partners on $19 million Grant

PORTLAND, Ore – Saturday Academy will partner with Oregon Health and Science University to bring cutting-edge science opportunities to young people as part of a $19 million grant awarded to OHSU from the National Science Foundation. The grant will fund the creation of a Science and Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMOP) at OHSU.

CMOP will study coastal margins, the biologically rich but highly vulnerable environments where rivers meet the ocean, including estuaries, freshwater plumes, continental shelves and watersheds. CMOP will use advanced science and technology to study how climate and climate change impact coastal margins, what roles coastal margins play in global elemental cycles, and how far seaward human activities impact ecosystems.

Saturday Academy will arrange student internships with CMOP scientists and will teach after-school and weekend classes in CMOP’s imaging, simulation and prediction facilities.

“Young people are passionate about the environment and technology. This is an opportunity for them to work with world-renowned scientists and get hands-on experience with the latest in ocean science technology,” said Joyce Cresswell, Executive Director of Saturday Academy. “CMOP leaders have done an excellent job of incorporating the education of young people into their plans for this major center.”

Antonio Baptista, Director of CMOP, said, “Our future depends on educating the young scientists who will continue the coastal margins research that we begin. The education components of this grant are integral to the research we will do at the center.”

Saturday Academy classes will begin this school year. Internships will start next summer. All interested students are welcome to participate.

About Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy offers young people from all backgrounds exceptional opportunities for enriched learning by enlisting community professionals to share facilities, equipment and expertise through hands-on classes, workshops and internships for students in grades first through 12. Since 1983, Saturday Academy has provided instruction to more than 110,000 students throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Need-based tuition assistance is provided for classes and workshops. All students are welcome.
Contact: Joyce Cresswell/503-725-2338 or Madeline Turnock/503-803-3729.