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Final Week: Presentations, Papers, Python, Products, Portland and Pullman

 The last few days of this internship, I pondered and proffered my paper and presentation of my products. I proceed to progress from Portland to Pullman where I'll purposefully peruse over passages of text to prepare for proving my
potential to a plethura of professors.

      Pictured is the product of my python pilgrimage.

Week 8: SATURN 01 Returned

   Katie, Michael, and I went to SAT 03 and cleaned the tubes out with bleach. Katie and I cut some electro-mechanical (EM) cable for SAT 01 and prepared it for deployment.

   Katie, Michael, Greta and I went to SAT 01 to replace it. When we got their the EM cable Katie and I made broke so we all had to go back to the shop to repair it. After it was fixed we went back out to SAT 01 and successfully deployed it.


Week 6: Google, Gills, and Geckos

     Katie, Greta, and I went to the Tansy Station and retrieved the CT sensor for cleaning. The sensor was attached to a rope, so we were able to retrieve it simply by pulling it up. We brought the sensor into the boat and it was covered with barnacles. We made a quick trip to the Desdmona Station to check for comorrant chicks. We won't work on a station if there are chicks because the chicks become frightened, throw themselves into the river, and drown. To check for chicks, I had to scurry up one of the stations poles in a way that Greta found comparable to a gecko.
     Then I got to drive the boat back to port, and later, I got to clean the sensor.

Week 5: Databases, Drifters, and Dirt

Here are some pictures from week 4.

   Katie and I prepared the drifters for Tuesday's teacher's workshop by taking them apart. We tried to get the drifter's GPS to triangulate but had some difficulties. I think it found itself eventually, though.


Week 4: Storage, Software, and Seasickness

Here are some pictures from last week's oceanography camp.


Week 3: Camp, Cleaning, and Cartography

 On Monday, Greta and I cleaned SATURN 03. The fishing company there is currently dumping fish waste in to the water. The waste often finds its way into our pumps and clogs them. Fortunately, that didn't happen on Monday and all Greta and I had to do was clean the bottom pump and the valves.
  On Tuesday and Wednesday, Greta and I helped with the Oceanography Camp. Some campers and high school interns came to Ilwaco, Washington where we boarded the Sea Breeze and departed for the Columbia. It was a lot of fun, and I'll talk more about next Friday.

Week 2: Boats, Birds, and Bridges

   This weeks highlights were the boat outings and finding a project.

   For my project, I'm building a map. This map will be used to track the glider's progress as she moves up and down the coast collecting data. The reasons a new map is desired over the old one is because the old one has very limited information. The new map will have more features including depth contours and latitude/ longitude coordinates. So far, I've been familiarizing myself with the mapping software and searching online for data to put into the software.

1st Week: Getting a feel for what we do in Astoria

This first week I had to juggle finals and working with the people here in Astoria. Fortunately I was able to work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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