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week four..

this week seemed to go by fast. early in the week i really started getting familiar with the dreamweaver and photoshop, enough to actually get some things started and pretty solid.

week three...

this week i continued to learn more about dreamweaver and photoshop. i haven't used dreamweaver before or photoshop, so its been a fun ride. it seemed that people were pretty excited about NSF site visit. it was my first time watching someone be critiqued in this way so it that was a new and different experience. my personal interest is in education, and i thought that Vanessa and Karen did a good job in that section. one of my senior mentors, roy sampsel also presented that day which was pretty interesting.

week two..

hello all,

this week i did a lot of thinking about how i would like the website to look, and more importantly taking in consideration of the person who will be maintaining the website after my internship. so that was interesting and fun chatting about all of the different aspects and ideas of myself, nirzwan, and jeff. i also got to meet some of the high school interns here for the summer as well. they have been very impressive with there willingness to learn and also their presentations. so hats off to you h.s. interns! great job. monica reyna from westview h.s will be an intern working with me on my project as well as her own projects for the summer.


hey all,

brief intro of me..i am a senior undergrad at portland state university studying political science with a minor in native american studies. this summer the majority of my tasks will be tied and/or directly related to tribes. see project description* :)

week one..

had finals! glad they're over...met with fellow interns and got through all the madness of "required" online policies and procedures. nirzwan and i went over some basics of what my project will entail for the summer and everything looks great..went on a tour to bonneville dam on friday and then took a nature hike up pony tail the by, if you ever want to take a tour at bonneville, make sure you request susan james from the army corp of engineers. she was the bestest!

that's all.


(thank you)

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