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hey all,

brief intro of me..i am a senior undergrad at portland state university studying political science with a minor in native american studies. this summer the majority of my tasks will be tied and/or directly related to tribes. see project description* :)

a little about me: born in portland, grew up on the warm springs reservation located in central oregon and later moved to pendleton oregon and resided on the umatilla indian reservation until two years ago when i transferred here from blue mountain community college to attend portland state university. i have a wonderful four year old son named maddox. he is awesome and is definitely a huge part of my motivation to make the world a better place..:) like all concerned parents..haha

i am an enrolled and descendant of the nez perce and cayuse indians located everywhere, but primarily in northern idaho and eastern oregon.

i enjoy many things that include the words "ball", or end in "ing" such as running,reading,socializing, playing (w my son) or playing basketball, softball, and stuff like that! portland + politiks + environment/green + today = the best time to be living!

let's see what this blog thing is pretty interesting and informative..i will be posting what i have been up to these next 10 weeks for all who may be interested!