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Wecoma Research Cruise - November 2007

Project Name: II.5.3 Wecoma: 11/01-19 ‘07
Chief Scientist: Lydie Herfort
Research Vessel: R/V Wecoma
Document: Cruise Plan

Project Description
R/V WecomaThis cruise provided our first look at winter conditions in the CMOP region, and established a baseline sampling program that continues through all future CMOP field campaigns.

We integrated numerical modeling into cruise planning efforts, and applied an adaptive sampling strategy for which we queried these models in near real-time during the cruise to decide on sampling locations/times. We occupied a grid of stations in the Columbia River, Estuary, and Plume, and over the Oregon and Washington continental shelf and slope. We measured hydrographic (T, S, pressure), bio-optical (chlorophyll fluorescence, light transmission) chemical (nitrate, dissolved oxygen) and physical (ADCP subsurface velocity) parameters. We collected samples for DNA- and RNA-based microbial community analyses and water chemistry, and made continuous measurements of surface water chemistry with several devices attached to the seawater flow-through system.

Cruise Documents

CMOP Cruise Forum

Transportaion plan


Wecoma CMOP November 07 draft 2 Cruise_Plan.doc

Wecoma First draft November cruise plan.ppt

Final November 2007 Wecoma Cruise Report