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Summer Internship Program 2015

The OHSU Institute of Environmental Health program hosted 8 undergraduate interns this summer at CMOP. Below you will find information about the interns, learn about their research projects, and access their weekly blogs.


2015 Summer Interns

Jacqueline Hayes

Bio: graduating senior, Environmental Science, Fresno Pacific University
Project: Investigating the influence of pH on toxin production in marine phytoplankton.
Carolina Johnson
Bio: rising senior, Environmental Management and Protection, Humbolt State University
Project: Our Global Estuary Outreach and Indigenous Network Engagement
Maris Leman
Bio: rising junior,  OHSU school of Nursing
Project: Relationship between the growth of a Roseobacter Columbia River ETM isolate and its expression of the manganese oxidizing gene, mopA
Maya Navarro
Bio: rising senior, Chemistry, DePaul University
Project: Characterization of Magnetite from Columbia River Sediments
Bailey O'Malley
Bio: rising junior, Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
Lauren Tetzloff
Bio: rising sophomore, Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University
Project: Environmental Fate and Remediation of Toxic Metals
Erin Toadlena
Bio: rising senior, Computer Science, Navajo Technical University
Project: Development of data management system and user interface for Indigenous Knowledge Network (IKN) data
Abigail Vorhies
Bio: rising junior, Mathematics and Statistics, Purdue University