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Week 10 Last week of Internship

I can’t believe 10 weeks of internship flew by so fast. I’m already onto week 10. This week should be fairly relaxing for me, since I finished my project last week (week 9). Technically, I’m not completely done with my project, since I have an extra +190 DNA sequences to analyze and summarize. However, I won’t be able to get these DNA sequences data until after a few more weeks (after my internship), so I can only write my paper and start my powerpoint presentation with my data I’ve collected so far.

Week 7 Last 5 years of M. rubrum samples & a boat trip on the CRE

This week started out pretty tough. L. I’ve done a lot of PCR reactions already but the past few reactions I’ve done don’t seem to work or make sense. My negative control reaction always seems like it is contaminated, and my results is not what I expected either. I still can’t make the conclusion if my reagents are contaminated or somehow every PCR reaction I will mess something up. This week, I started on amplifying post bloom water samples from 10/27/2011 from the main channel and the Iwaco Harbor.

Week 6 More data to analyze and the Bonneville Dam trip!

 This week, I've started to analyze the data I've gradually collect in the last 5 weeks. Analyzing all the 2011 DNA sequences I've collected so far and aligning these extremely large DNA sequences are a lot of work. After all the alignments and continuously making phylogenetic trees, I have finally gotten some prelimary results.

Week 5 Toxic dinoflagellates do exist in the CRE!

             This week started off with me analyzing 42 dinoflagellate DNA sequences collected in different parts of the Columbia River estuary and at different times of the M. Rubra blooms from last year.

Week 4 Mid-term presentation week

             This week turned out to be a relative slow week, compared to my last few weeks at CMOP. Last week, Ben and I prepared Iwaco Harbor and main channel station # 7 prebloom/bloom/postbloom dinoflagellate 18S rDNA samples, and transformed the E.

Week 3 Some results and CRE sampling trip

I started to get in depth into my project this week. My first 2 weeks here at CMOP I was able to extract the rDNA of the dinoflagellates from the water samples from Iwaco Harbor and main channel #7 stations. These dinoflagellate DNA was engineered into a plasmid so they are now stable and can be kept for long periods of time.

Week 1 Jumping right into my project!

My first week here at CMOP was very exciting and extremely productive. On Monday, I met all of the 2012 CMOP interns except for Julia. Vanessa gaves us an orientation and after we each got to meet our mentors. I'm working in the Zuber lab with Ben Li, and my project title is: Understanding Dinoflagellate population and diversity in the Columbia River Estuary.

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