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Get Ready for DNA Extraction 2

DNA separated
A few years ago, I made an instructional video with Caroline Fortunato, a graduate student of Byron Crump at the University of Maryland, Horne Point Lab, on the first step of DNA extraction from a water sample. We shot and edited the video during a CMOP research cruise. Who would've thought that the video would end up being viewed over 7000 times on YouTube? (Well I did but I don't want to brag.)

Lately I have been getting emails asking what is the second step. So, I teamed up with Michael Garcia, a graduate student of Peter Zuber, and went to work on it. Ben Li provided us with the protocal for field sample DNA isolation.We finished primary photography yesterday and are currently in post production. If all goes well. we should have it ready in July. For now, here is a photo showing two separated layers of the DNA and chloroform after centrifuging.

Update - August 1, 2012

We have completed production on the video. Click here to view the tutorial.