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CMOP director to present at American Indian/Alaska Native Health Lecture Series

Event FlyerCMOP director António Baptista, Ph.D. will be presenting today at the American Indian/Alaska Native Health Lecture Series. The title of his talk is Of Salmon and People, of Environment and Health and will start at 12:00pm in the OHSU University Hospital South, Room 8B60.

He will discuss how estuaries are critical ecosystems whose aggregate services–from filtering pollutants to production of natural resources—are essential for sustainable development at local-to-global scales. Climate change and growing local pressures are changing estuaries, often diminishing their effectiveness as individual and global filters and producers. What happens in China, India, Russia, and Australia will affect the United States and vice versa. At stake is the health of land-ocean ecosystems, but also the health and quality of life of tribal and non-tribal people in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

His talk offers a vision for a future where objective estuarine science informs sustainability decisions and preventive medicine, locally and globally.