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Week 2 - Site visit, tribal law and OHSU visit

This entry is going to mainly be dedicated to our OHSU visit because as my mentor has been out of town, I have mainly been reading and helping enter data into the computer.

Our visit was amazing. I have never really been to OHSU aside from a few trips to its hospital and I was very impressed. A little background: up until this year I had planned on graduating with a degree in chemistry, getting my masters in teaching and then teach high school science. During my time as an undergrad, no one has really explained to me how grad school works and all of my options. After meeting with a few grad students from the school and actually getting more of a grasp of how it is set up and the logistics of it... it is something I am much more strongly considering. The best part was our tour of the bioengineering research facilities. It thought it was interesting that because it was a new area for OHSU they were focusing on 4 small, lesser studied fields so as to get a foothold which they will eventually probably expand upon. Some of my favorite parts were learning about the new stroke/heart attack drug they developed (were developing?) which could be administered immediately as opposed to hours later after determining the cause. They also have a microscope in which the image you see is not light reflected from a surface, it shows movement or light reflected off of two surfaces. Which, according to one of the students, shows much better contrast and resolution.