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Week eight- things dont go as planned...

So there I am, in the lab, going about the purification as I did the day before and the day before that... when all of the sudden, my pump stops working! It just doesn't work anymore. Crap. Me and a few other people in the lab look at it, but no one can really figure out what is wrong, it had literally been working fine 24 hours earlier! We try changing some of the tubing and switching in new solution to no avail.

Week 7- Reconstitution?

A fairly uneventful week... I have been running the purifications on my own and busting out as much PHM as I can (which in the end turns out to be a discouragingly small quantity) But I have gotten very comfortable with the procedure and can now multitask two of the steps at once!

Week 6 over half way done!

Wow, time has flown! A fairly uneventful week... I have mostly just been getting comfortable with the purification process on my own. There are a lot of steps to remember, but with practice I think I will get the hang of it.

Currently I am running a batch of PHM which was produced at the very end and so there is very little in it. For example I'll start with 1L and in the end get about 1mL! This is different then what I was working with before as I was getting a bit more out of the purification. Oh well!

Week 4/5

Because my mentor had been in and out of town, we haven't had adequate time to train me on my project's required techniques. But this week we finally got to really get started on things.

Week 3- Bonneville Dam visit

Vanessa planned a great trip to the dam for us which I hadn't visited since the 4th grade! On the way there we got to stop at crown point and multnomah falls and take pictures and walk around. Crown point was really cool because I had never been inside the building there and there were big exhibits with tons of old photos which showed the development of the highway that runs along the gorge and other neat attractions.

Week 2 - LOTS of activity!

This week I have mainly been catching up on the reading Brenda assigned and attending the many events Vanessa had planned for us. Monday was the NSF site visit which turned out to be quite informative and interesting. Most people I'm sure rarely wonder where the money is coming from in research facilities, rather they are more interested in the results. Today gave us all a chance to see the process and the hoops everyone has to go through to get funded and remain that way!

Week 2 - Site visit, tribal law and OHSU visit

This entry is going to mainly be dedicated to our OHSU visit because as my mentor has been out of town, I have mainly been reading and helping enter data into the computer.

Week 1- Introduction and reading... late, I'm sorry!

Unfortunately, like Tyler, I  missed almost all of the first week due to finals at Oregon State University. On top of that I was unable to get my blog set up until today so I am just now posting my week one entry today.

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