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Week 7: Beta Testing and Debugging of Time-Plotting Capacity.

       This week I wrote out an email to users of the data explorer requesting for volunteer beta testers. I received many emails from people wanting to beta test as well as many bugs reported.

       My first bug was that the data explorer was not compatible with any browser other than Mozilla Firefox. I was so shocked to find such a bug. When I was working with my program I only used Firefox to test the program out for myself. I’ve forgotten about compatibility issues when I was working with the program. It is always important to test a program with all major web browsers to insure your program works with them all. After that bug was dealt with the rest of the week consisted of me beta testing as well and trying to find any bugs. As the reports of bugs coming in to me I was on the case of finding them and squashing them. As the week came to an end all of the known bugs were taken care of and no more bugs were being reported.