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Final Summer Blog

Last blog, sad.

Well, I’m giving my final presentation today, finishing my papers, and packing up. It’s strange that essentially my summer is complete. I start Willamette in two weeks, ah! Hurray for senior year.

So, I have attached my final presentation in ppt form.


I love my septa!

One week to go! I can’t believe the summer has gone by so fast. I really feel comfortable here. Hmmmm, graduate school? Hahaha! No really, I know people, feel comfortable visiting other labs, getting coffee. Anne (Anne’s Deli) and I are buds. I see her without fail everyday around 9:00 am. And without fail when I ask for a none fat 16 oz. latte she always replies, “ok, 1 low fat 16 oz. latte”. I love it!

Aboard the Wecoma

For the last two weeks I have been aboard the Wecoma, a research vessel, primarily filtering. Jeff Schilling came aboard with us and captured it all on video. Go ahead and check out my experience, 2008 Research Cruise Blog Videos

Bubble boy

I'm back on land! Interestingly enough I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon feeling like I was still out at sea. It really set in in the shower and bed. Who doesn't love lying in bed at night feeling like you are rocking back and forth, constantly. Just to make sure this was common, ok I know this is common but I wanted to know why, I did a bit of research. According to Elizabeth Svaboda, of the International Herald Tribune, "Landsickness" or "reverse seasickness" is familiar to many people who have taken long cruises.


I haven’t written for a while. In part that is due to my lack of actually being in my lab, well Paul’s lab. Last week I spent the majority of my time in Phoenix Arizona at an Alpha Chi Omega convention. Yes, I am a proud sorority woman. I had a fabulous time. What it really comes down to is Lois A. Herman. Not only was I privileged enough to hear her speak, but she sat at my table for lunch and I was at a loss of words. Now as a rule of thumb, I am generally not like this. In fact, I am generally someone who is accused of having too many words. But Lois can have a way with people.

Good juju

According to Rachel Cooper from Scienceline, wisdom teeth, which come in in the late teens when we are ‘wiser,’ were “the evolutionary answer to our ancestor’s early diet . . . As a result, evolutionary biologists now classify wisdom teeth as vestigial organs, or body parts that have become functionless due to evolution.” But, is there something more to be said for these teeth? When you have your wisdom teeth extracted are you removing something, like oh say insight or good juju? I had mine taken out this week and things are a little off.

A New Perspective

Corny as it may sound, time flies when you are having fun. Yes Paul and Jim, I’m having a blast! Listening to great music in a laboratory, working in a 10 degree Celsius room, what else could I ask for? I’m not joking here. Interestingly though, the highlight from last week occurred outside of the lab. We were privileged to talk/eat lunch with a member of a North West Native American Tribe. During our brown bag discussion we focused on our relationship, as future scientists and productive members of society, with the Native American Tribes in our region. It was great.

Instrument, not machine

It turns out public transportation can be an amazing thing if you can find a way to get to it! I have. My bike is my new best friend. What was last week a 45 minute walk is now a mere 10 minute ride. Not only is it short, but it seems to be a very social thing. Just today I met someone carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and I learned how you can get your caffeine fix while on a bike early in the morning. I foresee this being very useful for this summer!

Week 1

Made it through my first four days as an intern. I’d like to thank my parents and . . . just kidding. Really though, I didn’t beak anything so I’m happy. The real challenge this week has been getting to work. I live in downtown Portland and commute using the Max, for those of you non-Portlanders that’s somewhat like the Bart in San Francisco (public transportation). I walk 45 minutes to the Max station every day. While I could take a bus I like the brisk morning atmosphere. Everyone is out to accomplish something, may that be their morning caffeine fix or getting to work on time, they’re all out for a reason. Once on the Max though I’m set. I just need to get out of bed.

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