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I haven’t written for a while. In part that is due to my lack of actually being in my lab, well Paul’s lab. Last week I spent the majority of my time in Phoenix Arizona at an Alpha Chi Omega convention. Yes, I am a proud sorority woman. I had a fabulous time. What it really comes down to is Lois A. Herman. Not only was I privileged enough to hear her speak, but she sat at my table for lunch and I was at a loss of words. Now as a rule of thumb, I am generally not like this. In fact, I am generally someone who is accused of having too many words. But Lois can have a way with people. Being the Coordinator for the Women’s United Nations Report Network, Lois speaks out about women’s and girl’s human rights, empowerment, and oppression. She is my Superwoman. Having said that, I have decided that my first year after college, the one I have been planning on taking off, should be spent working for her. I don’t know how yet, but I can guarantee that I am the only woman she met last week who grew up in Saudi Arabia, knew these issues in and out, and ate lunch with her. Can you tell how inspiring this woman is?

Now I could go on about Lois for a while but I have other exciting news. I have a plan for the future. I know I already talked about my year after college but, I didn’t say what comes next. Well I have been thinking and, a master’s degree in environmental chemistry and then a law degree in environmental policy sound about right. I know it sounds like a lot but I figure it is just about as much time as getting a PhD. And when I’m done I can go into consulting. How many people are there out there who have a law degree and a science degree? Ok, some but not that many. Anyway I am super excited.

What I’m also excited about, to change the topic one last time, is that Jeff Schilling has posted two videos with me in them! I am currently on the Wecoma, a research cruise, and have never done anything like this. So, check out his vids and see me unpack as well as filter to my hearts content! Go science, woow!