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Seminar Videos


The following are videos of past seminars held at CMOP.

Aug. 7, 2014
Tribes, Treaties and Natural Resource Management: A Cultural Competency Lecture
The Honorable Elizabeth Furse
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John H. Paul

Jan. 13, 2012
Probing Oceanic River Plumes by Gene Expression Analysis
John H. Paul, Ph.D., University of South Florida
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Kathrine SpringmanJuly 6, 2011
Semi-permeable membrane devices link site-specific contaminants to effects: Induction of CYP1A in Rainbow Trout from contaminants in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Kathrine Springman, Ph.D., Portland State University
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Junu ShresthaJanuary 21, 2011
Linking Biogeochemistry to Climate Change Solutions: From New Jersey to Guinea Bissau, understanding biogeochemistry and conserving vulnerable wetlands.
Junu Shrestha, Ph.D., World Bank Environment Department
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Lydie HerfortJanuary 7, 2011
Myrionecta rubra blooms in the Columbia River estuary
Lydie Herfort, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University
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Jeremiah HackettNovember 19, 2010
Endosymbiosis in Eukaryotic Evolution: Plastid gains, losses and robbery on the high seas
Jeremiah Hackett, University of Arizona
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Celeste MazzacanoMarch 5, 2010
Invertebrates as bioassessment tools in aquatic ecosystems
Celeste Mazzacano, Xerces Society
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Dan BottomNovember 20, 2009
Restoring salmon ecosystems: Ecological change and resilience in Oregon’s Salmon River and Columbia River estuaries
Dan Bottom, NOAA
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August 2009
SATURN collaboratory: Closing disciplinary gaps in coastal-margin observations and simulations
American Chemical Society's National Meeting
Antonio Baptista, CMOP
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Rich SignellJuly 15, 2009
Model Data Interoperability for IOOS in 12 months or less: Simple procedures for serving standardized data and for obtaining scientific access
Rich Signell, USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
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June 19, 2009
A Coastal Ocean Modeling, Data Assimilation and Forecasting System
Yi Chao, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Lisa ZeiglerApril 24, 2009
Metagenomic Analyses of Coastal Oregon and Southern California Current Ecosystem Bacterioplankton Populations
Lisa Zeigler, J. Craig Venter Institute
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John DelaneyJan. 26, 2009
Next Generation Ocean Sciences: The Leading Edge of an Environmental Renaissance
John Delaney, Ph.D., University of Washington
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Burke HalesNov. 14, 2008
Satellites and the coastal carbon cycle
Burke Hales, Oregon State University
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Curtis SuttleOct. 16, 2008
Viruses: The greatest diversity in the sea, and drivers of global processes
Curtis Suttle, University of British Columbia
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Jude AppleAug. 13, 2008
Cross-system patterns in the biogeography of estuarine bacterioplankton
Jude Apple, Western Washington University
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Stefano SpaccapietraJuly 29, 2008
Scientific Data Modeling: Reaching Beyond What we Know
Stefano Spaccapietra, Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
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Jim LerczakJune 30, 2008
Temporal Response of an Estuary to Changes in Forcing
Jim Lerczak, Ph.D.
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Roger Barga May 29, 2008
Trident: A Workbench for Scientific Workflow
Roger Barga, Ph.D., Microsoft Research
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Tim CowlesFebruary 13, 2008
Persistent Finescale Planktonic Structure
Tim Cowles, Ph.D.
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Robert MorrisJanuary 18, 2008
Environmental Proteomics
Robert Morris, Ph.D.
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Anitra IngallsDecember 11, 2007
Terrestrial organic carbon in the sea: A multi-proxy investigation
Anitra Ingalls, Ph.D.
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James BellinghamDistinguished Lecturer
November 29, 2007
Reconfiguring Ocean Observation Systems in Real Time
James Bellingham, Ph.D.
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Percy DonaghayNovember 20, 2007
High resolution 4-dimensional coherent sampling with autonomous moored profilers
Percy Donaghay, Ph.D.
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Michael ForemanAugust 21, 2007
Eddy Formation and Collapse off the Entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait
Michael Foreman, Ph.D.
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