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Template-based quadrilateral meshing

TitleTemplate-based quadrilateral meshing
Publication TypePeer-reviewed Conference Paper
Year of Publication2011
Conference NameShape Modeling International (SMI) Conference 2011
AuthorsDaniels J, Lizier M, Siqueira M, Silva CT, Nonato LG
Keywordsbase domain, graph matching, linear system solve, quadrilateral mesh

Generating quadrilateral meshes is a highly non-trivial task, as design decisions are frequently driven by specific application demands. Automatic techniques can optimize objective quality metrics, such as mesh regularity, orthogonality, alignment and adaptivity; however, they can not make subjective design decisions. There are a few quad meshing approaches that offer some mechanisms to include the user in the mesh generation process; however, these techniques either require a large amount of user interaction or do not provide necessary or easy to use inputs. Here, we propose a template-based approach for generating quad-only meshes from triangle surfaces. Our approach offers a flexible mechanism to allow external input, through the definition of alignment features that are respected during the mesh generation process. While allowing user inputs to support subjective design decisions, our approach also takes into account objective quality metrics to produce semi-regular, quad-only meshes that align well to desired surface features.