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Semi-regular Quadrilateral-only Remeshing from Simplified Base Domains

TitleSemi-regular Quadrilateral-only Remeshing from Simplified Base Domains
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDaniels J, Silva CT, Cohen E
Journal TitleComputer Graphics Forum
Pages1427 - 1435

Semi-regular meshes describe surface models that exhibit a structural regularity that facilitates many geometric processing algorithms. We introduce a technique to construct semi-regular, quad-only meshes from input surface meshes of arbitrary polygonal type and genus. The algorithm generates a quad-only model through subdivision of the input polygons, then simplifies to a base domain that is homeomorphic to the original mesh. During the simplification, a novel hierarchical mapping method, keyframe mapping, stores specific levels-of-detail to guide the mapping of the original vertices to the base domain. The algorithm implements a scheme for refinement with adaptive resampling of the base domain and backward projects to the original surface. As a byproduct of the remeshing scheme, a surface parameterization is associated with the remesh vertices to facilitate subsequent geometric processing, i.e. texture mapping, subdivision surfaces and spline-based modeling.