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A fully coupled wave-current model on unstructured grids

TitleA fully coupled wave-current model on unstructured grids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRoland LA, Zhang Y, Wang HV, Maderich V, Brovchenko I
Journal TitleJournal of Geophysical Research

We present a new modeling system for wave-current interaction based on unstructured grids and thus suitable for very large-scale high-resolution multiscale studies. The coupling between the 3D current model (SELFE) and the 3rd generation spectral wave model (WWM-II) is done at the source code level and the two models share same sub-domains in the parallel MPI implementation in order to ensure parallel efficiency and avoid interpolation. We demonstrate the accuracy, efficiency, stability and robustness of the coupled SELFE-WWM-II model with a suite of progressively challenging benchmarks with analytical solution, laboratory data, and field data. The coupled model is shown to be able to capture important physics of the wave-current interaction under very different scales and environmental conditions with excellent convergence properties even in complicated test cases. The challenges in simulating the 3D wave-induced effects are highlighted as well, where more research is warranted