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ACE Tools

ACE tools include xmgredit (grid editor), and xmvis6 (post-processing tool that reads the binary format of outputs from ELCIRC/SELFE). It was originally developed here specifically for the pre- and post-processing processes for ELCIRC/SELFE, and are very efficient and easy to use. Note that we are moving to other open-source packages for post-processing (e.g. VisIT), and due to the our limited capability for user support the ACE tools are not well supported at the time.

Download Ace Tools

There is a README inside for installation guide. Email us if you encounter problems (again we may not be able to support ACE tools as well as SELFE). One common problem users encounter is the open motif package that is needed in building the tool, and you may google it for help.

Simple installation instruction:

  • tar xzf ace.tar.gz
  • Top level Makefile will not likely work for all directories. Cd to each and run make individually.
  • Need to have Motif to build.

 Here are some (incomplete) user manuals for xmgredit and for xmvis6.