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SELFE - Case Studies

Columbia River The Virtual Columbia River is a skill-assessed 4D (space-time) simulation environment that offers multiple representations of circulation processes, variability and change across river-to-shelf scales. Circulation includes water levels, salinity, temperature, and velocities.
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The National Laboratory for Civil Engineering development of the procedures for the creation of a forecast system for water quality through the integration of water quality models and an innovative technology of nowcast-forecast systems.
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morphodynamicThe National Laboratory for Civil Engineering project aims at contributing to the advance of an existing morphodynamic modeling system (MORSYS2D)
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eco diagramThe National Laboratory for Civil Engineering proposal is to improve and validate a sophisticated ecological modeling system for operational forecasting of ecosystem dynamics based on grid computing resources.
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oil spill diagramThe National Laboratory for Civil Engineering project is an innovative decision-support system will be developed to help the coastal managers in the prevention of the impact of oil spills.
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oil spill diagramVirginia Institute of Marine Science is involved in two Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) projects in the Chesapeake Bay region.
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