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Presentations by CMOP Members

Year: 2010
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Breitburg, D. L., Crump, B. C., Dabiri ,J. O, Gallegos, C.. 2010Ecosystem engineers in the plankton: Habitat alteration by species ranging from microbes to jellyfish. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. January 4, 2010. Seattle, WA
Bräuer S.L., Anitori, R.P., Davis R., Carmichael M.J., Smythe W.F., Tebo, B.M. . 2010A peptide-based probe for the capture of manganese oxides and associated microorganisms. 13th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. August 23, 2010. Seattle, WA
Baptista, A.M., Armburst, E.V., Crumpo, B.C., Herfort, L., Howe, B.M., Levine, M.D., Maier, D., McNeil, C.J., Needoba, J.A., Peterson, T.D., Prahl, F.G., Sanford, T.B., Simon, H.M., Smit, M., Spitz, Y.H., Tebo, B.M., Zuber, P.. 2010Coastal margin collaboratories: from reactive to anticipatory science (Invited). Ocean Sciences Meeting. February 22, 2010. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2010Virtual Columbia River. Eastern Pacific Ocean Prediction Forum. September 20, 2010. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2010The Columbia River estuary as an ocean sentinel: temperature, hypoxia and other tales. Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference - EPOC 2010. September 22, 2010. Mt. Hood, OR
Year: 2015
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Besse, I., Green, V., Ward, M., Watts, N., Baptista, A.M.. 2015The biomathematics workshop: A new model for inter-institutional collaboration and interdisciplinary undergraduate research. CERF 2015. November 9, 2015. Portland, OR
Year: 2009
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Bebis, G., R.D. Boyle, B. Parvin, D. Koracin, Y. Kuno, J. Wang, R. Pajarola, P. Lindstrom, A. Hinkenjann, M.L. Encarnação, C.T. Silva. 2009Advances in Visual Computing. 5th International Symposium on Visual Computing. November 30, 2009. Las Vegas, NV
Barnard, A.H., Orrico, C.M., Needoba, J.A., McLean, S., Lewis, M.. 2009Contrasting the Temporal Scales of Variability in Particulate and Dissolved Materials in Four Estuarine/Coastal Systems. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial Conference. November 2, 2009. Portland, OR
Year: 2011
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Barnard, A.H., Koch, C., Egli, P., Hanson, A., Gregory, T., Ragan, M.A., Jones, B., Campbell, R., Needoba, J.A.. 2011Performance Validation Of The Cycle-Po4, An Instrument For In-Situ And Long-Term Orthophosphate Monitoring. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting. February 17, 2011. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Baptista, A.M., Lothrop, R., Schumacker, E., Roger, P., Hudson, C., Heinith, B., Green, V., Wegner, K., Peterson, T.D.. 2011Bringing Together Tribal And Quantitative Oceanographic Perspectives In A Scientific Framework For Coastal Margins. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting. February 16, 2011. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Baptista, A.M.. 2011A virtual journey through the mighty Columbia River estuary: ocean science that fits in your classroom. Hispanic Engineering, Science and Technology Week. September 26, 2011. Edinburg, Texas
Baptista, A.M.. 2011Coastal margin 'Collaboratories’: a scientific foundation for decision-making towards sustainability. International Conference on Water, Energy and Environment (ICWEE). November 15, 2011. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Year: 2014
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Baptista, AM. 2014Of salmon and people, or environmental health. OHSU Tribal Gathering. January 22, 2014. Portland, OR
Baptista, AM. 2014Funding Focus: Tips for National Science Foundation grant applications. Oregon Health & Science University. February 20, 2014. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M., Karna, T., Seaton, C.. 2014River Influences On The Circulation, Ecosystem Services And Modeling Of A Large Eastern Boundary Current Estuary. Ocean Sciences Meeting. February 27, 2014. Honolulu, HI
Baptista, A.M., Karna, T., Lopez, J.. 2014Lessons learned from pushing a circulation model to the brink. 13th International workshop on Multiscale (Un)-structured mesh numerical Modeling for coastal, shelf, and global ocean dynamics (IMUM). Keynote. August 26, 2014. Lisbon, Portugal
Baptista, A.M., Green, V., Bueno Watt, N.. 2014Integrating Traditional Ways Of Knowing With Western Science, Through Collaborative Opportunities Fostered By The Network Of NSF Science And Technology Centers. Ocean Sciences Meeting. February 26, 2014. Honolulu, HI
Baptista, A.M.. 2014Of Salmon and People, of Environment and Health. AI/AN Health Seminar. April 3, 2014. Portland, OR
Year: 2012
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Baptista, A.M., Simon, H.M., Smit, M., Herfort, L., Seaton, C., Li, B., Peterson, T.D., Needoba, J.A., Crump, B.C., Zuber, P.. 2012Adaptive Sampling Strategies To Characterize Microbial Communities In A Dynamic Estuary. Ocean Sciences Meeting. February 22, 2012. Salt Lake City, UT
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Operational modeling of a complex estuary-plume system. Xiamen University. November 16, 2012. Fujian, China
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Operational modeling of a complex estuary-plume system. Ocean University of China. November 19, 2012. Qingdao, China
Year: 2016
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Baptista, A.M., Rostaminia, M., Turner, P.J., Kärnä, T., Lopez, J.. 2016Salinity in the Willamette River? Seriously?!? Estuarine tales of rising seas, seismic subsidence and uncertainty. Columbia River Estuary Conference 2016. May 24, 2016. Astoria, Oregon
Year: 2013
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Baptista, A.M., Needoba J.A., Davis, M., Leinen, M.. 2013Estuarine “collaboratories:” regional and global perspectives. 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. December 12, 2013. San Francisco, CA
Baptista, A.M.. 2013Managing to timing, thresholds and change -- a view from estuarine and plume physics. Ocean Science Workshop. February 14, 2013. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2013Predicting and steering environmental change - A global health challnege. 10th Annual Western Regional Health Conference. April 5, 2013. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2013You need results WHEN?!??. IMUM 2013. September 16, 2013. Austin, TX
Year: 2006
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Baptista, A.M.. 2006CORIE: the first decade of a coastal-margin collaborative observatory. Oceans'06. September 18, 2006. Boston, MA
Baptista, A.M.. 2006The Columbia River observing system and a vision for future integrated systems. 53rd annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference. September 30, 2006. Timberline Lodge, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2006Scaling up a coastal margin observing system. 7th International Conference on HydroScience and Engineering. September 11, 2006. Philadelphia, PA
Baptista, A.M.. 2006Oregon and ocean observing: vision, status and unique opportunities. Natural Resources Cabinet of the Governor of Oregon. August 31, 2006. Salem, OR