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Summer Internship Program 2016

2016 Summer Interns


Juliet Cheng

Bio: Rising sophomore, Biology and Chemistry, Smith College
Project:  Distribution and Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Oregon Rivers.


Madeline Dinsdale

Bio: Rising sophomore, Biology, Reed College
Project:  Biochemistry of Microbial Manganese Oxidation in the Environment


Katherine Lothrop

Bio:  Rising junior, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Project:  Linking Mesodinium bloom timing with river discharge and estuarine circulation


Maya Navarro

Bio:  graduating senior, DePaul University
Project:  Nexus of Knowledge – low-cost diagnostics for in-the-field testing in resource-limited environments with CIQM through STC Tribal Initiatives at Harvard University

Deseree Povijua

Bio: Graduating senior, New Mexico Highlands University
Project:  Explore the role of cyanotoxins as effector molecules in cyanobacterial metabolism and stress response.


David Panfilov

Bio:  Rising senior, Pacific University
ProjectReduction Potentials of Phenols and Anilines.


Lauren Roof

Bio: Rising sophomore, Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University
Project:  Exploring pH dynamics and toxin production in phytoplankton.


Erin Toadlena

Bio:  Rising senior, Information Technical/Computer Science
Project:  Development of improved integration of Data Near Here and Data Explorer.