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Week 7 Blog Update Katherine Lothrop

This week I did a pretty simple z-score analysis over the Phyco graphs I finally got working last week for the year 2012, and pulled together the chlorphyll graphs for different depths/years to compare with Phyco.  Curently working on smoothing the data (take the acerage for an hour, then plot the hour averages, etc.) 

Katherine Lothrop Statistical Research Update

Through these past few weeks, I have been exploring my knowledge (with a ton of troubleshooting) of R studio and big data analysis.  

I am currently working with Tawnya Peterson to help her prepare her current research paper of M. bacteria growth and it's link to chlorophyll.  Over the past several weeks I have been learning how to strip the data off the web, and analyze a year's worth of data.  

June 20, 2016

Today I got a tour of campus, and started working with Tawnya Peterson on Geyer-MacCready plots.  I'm working to finish up what some students from last year were working on over the next 3 weeks

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