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Common questions

How to add a time series plot?

How to add a scatter plot?

How to add a time series or scatter plot colored by a third variable?

How to add an individual time modification to an axis.

How do I save my session?

How do I share my saved session?

How do I delete a saved session?

How do I comment on a saved session?

How do I publish a saved session as a web page?

How do I change the time range of a plot?

How do I change the time range from multiple plots?

How do I know what data are available?

How do I learn more about data QA/QC?





Tool bar, the tool bar is a set of buttons that allow users to add new plots, save session, open session, download session as image, and remove all plots from canvas.

Canvas controls, these allow users to minimize, maximize, and remove selected plots.

Canvas, this is the working area where plots are added.




Plots, plots are elements added to the canvas by users during a session. Plots have tools to minimize, maximize, select, and edit the plot’s content. You will find a detailed description of these elements further in this text.



There are three different types of plots in Data Explorer: Time series, Scatter plot, and Colored plots.


Time Series plot

1- Click on “add new plot” button, the “Plotting parameters” window will appear



2- Select a station from “Source” in the “Plotting parameters” window, all the available variables will be displayed on “Variables” list




3- Select one or more variables and click on “Add variable” button. The selected variables will be added to “Y” variables. Notice that “X” variable value by default is “Time".




If you want to add variables from other stations, repeat steps 2 and 3.  If you want to remove a series from “Y variables”, select the variable you want to remove and click on “remove button” (see image below).


4- Click on “Add series” button and the variables from “Y” variables will be moved to a list of plots. Click on “Next” button to change time/date.




5- After clicking “Next”  the “Time range” menu is displayed. There are two ways to change the time range of the data: select one of the standard time spans (1,7,15,30 days) and select the end time or change start time and end time.  Once the time was adjusted click on “Next” to select data quality.  Note: the data quality option is available only for stations.































If you are not sure if data is available for the period of time that you selected you can go back to the previous step clicking on "Prev" and check availability for the variables that you want to plot.






































6- The final step before obtaining a plot is to select what data quality and/or data quality levels we wish to plot, for more information about quality, data quality, and data queality levels click here 



Select processed levels according to what you need to plot.  When a processed level is not available the checkbox for such level is disabled. 



Quaity levels (QL0... QL5) are applicable to PD2 only, to select quality levels PD2 need to be active and selected.  Check Xpand to color different quality levels.





































Scatter plot

1- Same as step 1 on “Adding Time Series plot”

2- Same as step 2 on “Adding Time Series plot”

3- Select one variable and click on “Add” button (for X variable), if you select more than one variable and click on add button only one variable will be added.

Notice the “T” button under “Add variable X” button, if you click on this button X variable will be time.

4- Same as step 3 on “Adding Time Series plot”

5- Same as step 4 on “Adding Time Series plot”

6- Same as step 5 on “Adding Time Series plot”

Colored Scatter plot

Time series and Scatter plots could be colored using a third variable adding a variable to “Colored by” field.

1- Follow the steps to create Time series plot from 1 to 3 or Scatter plot from 1 to 4.

2- Select a station, select a variable, and click on “Add variable Colored by” button.

3- Same as step 4 on “Adding Time Series plot”

4- Same as step 5 on “Adding Time Series plot”

How to add an individual time modification to an axis

Time can be added to any axes along with optional individual time modifications.


Adding Time with a Time Modifier


To add a Time Modifier there must be a modifier selected on the T.mod drop down list. By clicking on the desired axis T Button, time will be inserted in the axis. In order to apply a time modification to the desired axis a time modification must be selected. After selecting a time modifier clicking the desired axis T Button will add Time and the selected time modifier. Selecting None will only add Time without any time modifications. You will know if you added a time modifier by seeing the following format: Time:(selected modifier).


To Create a Plot with Individual Time Modifications:


An Example using SATURN03.