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Week 6: Beaver Army breakthrough? & Bonneville Dam adventures

Monday: It was a stressful start to the week- I finally finished the plots for each of the sensors, but ended with up with some mistakes. The Jetty A salinity model-observation data comparison plot was obviously the product of a mistake, but I couldn’t figure it out until I double checked my script. I had entered the incorrect variable for the observation data (dependent variable) in the plot script so luckily I spotted it and fixed it so the graph made more sense.

Week 5: Astoria & Analyzing River/Ocean Influences On Data Differences

Monday: Full day of script changes and producing plots for other sensors. I had my hands full with plotting model and observational data for sensor locations SATURN-02 and Jetty A. The underlying process was essentially the same as I had been doing, but I had to alter parts of it where the model extraction was included.

Week 4: Midterms & Mapping Out More Model Data

Monday and Tuesday: The week started with beginning each of the suggested tasks from my presentation last Friday. I’ve begun the process of using Forecasts 22, 26, and 28 for SATURN-07 in May so that I may make a comparison of the different model data values and see if there is an increase or decrease in error.

Week 3: Fireworks & Back to the Drawing Board

Monday and Tuesday: After a weekend of recovering from the NSF Visit, I went right back to it. Time to adjust to the new model data extraction method. I compared observational data to the model data using both extraction methods, but Logan and I were encouraged to utilize the M-elio method, so we will be incorporating only the scripts associated with that process.

Week 2: Moving forward into the nitty gritty & NSF Site Visit

Monday: Finished up the background readings and feel like I have a good understanding of the study area and what we’re trying to accomplish. Discussed the project in more detail with Logan and Grant- what we hope to gain from each step, the planned scope of the project, and specifics about the dynamics of the model and study area we’re working with. I then took the plunge and began working with UNIX commands and Matlab- software in which I’m not quite familiar.

Week 1: The calm before the storm...getting ready to dive right in!

What a first week at CMOP! Well, technically first 3 days. This is my first time visiting Portland, and already I’m astounded with its natural beauty. I flew in to Portland on Tuesday night, so I began my first day on Wednesday. I met my frontline mentor, Grant Law, and discussed some of my academic background and interests.
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