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Week 3: Growth

This week, I was able to reproduce my previous results using different isolates. I found that one terminal oxidase mutant consistently shows higher-than-normal β-galactosidase activity, which means that the ctaA promoter attached to the lacZ gene is being activated by something. I also found that the lab’s two isolates of ∆qox mutants have different β-galactosidase activities.

Week 2: Lessons on Patience and Mistakes

I entered my second week raring to go, ready to work as hard and as fast as I could. I wanted results, and I wanted them NOW. After three intense days, I end this week feeling very different. I care more about doing my work carefully and correctly, even if it means spreading my work over more days. I also care more about taking care of myself, since this neglect made me susceptible to making mistakes.

Week 1 Part 2: Hit the Ground Running

I started doing lab work on Wednesday. I am surprised by the amount of independent work I am doing already! My PI has the following policy: if there is a simple document explaining the step-by-step process, she will show me the document and I should do the work on my own. If the work is more complicated, she or her research assistant Wren will show me once and then watch me as I do it to make sure I’m alright. Afterwards, I am on my own. Thanks to this policy, I have done approximately 2/3 of the week’s lab work independently (with minimal to no supervision).

Week 1 Part 1: Introductions

This week has been intense! Since I was introduced to many new things, I have a lot to write about. I promise not all of my blogs will be this long.

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