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Second-to-last week!

 This was crunch week for me, because we had our final presentations as interns at the end of the week. The HPLC had finally accepted its new column, and we had learned that it was possible to run the samples overnight without the HPLC doing something funny like leaking, so the first half of the week was spent with me running all of the DNAN samples we didn't have good data for, and finishing up the 65 degree experiments. In the meantime, I was also preparing my powerpoint for Friday, and I spent quite a bit of time in between waiting for the new time points to do little bits and pieces for my presentation. As the week progressed, we finished having DNAN samples to run, so started running the DNT samples that had been waiting for their turn. Unfortunately, that night was the night the HPLC decided it didn't like running without supervision, and managed to make one of its tubes pop out, creating a leak. So, I didn't get to run samples in the second half of the week, since we were busy fixing it, and then, when it was fixed, I didn't have time to really run much. So that'll be next week, along with the final paper.

The presentation went well, I felt. It was really interesting to be able to listen to all the other interns and see how much they had accomplished over the summer. The variety of projects here is pretty astounding. And, since the last time I had heard anything about most of the projects was at the midterm presentation, it was really cool to see how far they had progressed and their understanding of the subject had progressed. I hope I showed that as well. 

Anyway, there's not much else new to disclose, since it's coming up on the end of my stay here, so we're mostly just trying to finish up the projects that had already been started. I'm planning on re-running some of the DNT next week, since I know I don't have enough data for those, and hopefully the data will be useable in my paper. We'll see.