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Is it Local or Regional, and Midterms Already!! (Week 6)

This was a pretty straight forward week!! It simply began and ended. I spent most of my time finalizing my coding scripts to get them ready for my model run that will be finished on Monday! I can not wait to get the run and start extracting data from it and conducting my comparisons. I also can not wait to conduct an analysis of Physical Habitat Opportunity for Salmon. I did, however, find what I think is a potential error with in the Forecast-26 Model. When I generated a time series of Depth with in Cunningham Slough, there was a random drop of depth on April 21, at about mid day. I was curious to see if it was an error centered only with in the Cunningham region or if it occurred in a much broader region with in the model. So I conducted a time series generation of three other station (Vancouver, WA, Longview, WA, and Portland, OR). I found that the error also occurred at these stations, but happened about 24 hours later (April 22). My next step will now be to now figure out which external forcings at the boundary conditions need to be re-calibrated to account for this error. 

Thursday and Friday I spent much of the time preparing my midterm presentation. However, on Thursday I got to have lunch with Elizabeth Furse. She is such an interesting woman, growing up in Kenya and South Africa and leaving during the apartheid, coming to Oregon and becoming a Congresswomen, and developing a passion for Native American rights. The midterm presentation on Friday went very well. I was a bit nervous, but I believe I was right on with my main points. I can not wait to begin my model extractions on the db26-cut grid on Monday!!! Great week, but I can not believe there are only 4 weeks left.