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Cruise diary, day 6: 21 Aug 2007

6:30 am leave the Maritime Museum Dock in Astoria to reach our North Channel station west of the bridge. Suzanna Brauer has joined us again for the day to collect samples to study manganese oxidizers. Again we took CTD cast every 30 min for the whole tidal cycle and did not see a true ETM event yet only a small increases in OBS values in the morning (which we sampled).

[img_assist|nid=741|title=Red Tide|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=100|height=75] However, we saw some very interesting changes in fluorometer data and in the late afternoon we saw a clear red tide. The water looked very red and Ray the captain, said that he never seen it so intense. We sampled in and out of the red tide. It is Jim’s 60th birthday today so we had cake for desert at dinner.