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 After meeting with one of my future users (there aren't very many of them) I've been given a few more things to add to my interface. However, a ten day break to go to Italy has not given me much time to actually add the new features. The only real change I've made since my last blog was to add little calender symbols by the start and end time shufflers (what I've taken to calling a series of buttons that allow a user to adjust the start and end time of the graph). These calenders, when pressed, bring up a dialog that allows the user to select a specific start or end time for the graph with control over the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second of either field. All this is done in as user-friendly a way as possible given the amount and specificity of the data that needs to be entered. The two things I will being doing are: adding another calender that keeps the current range of the plot but centers it on a particular time and allowing users to navigate from the comment explorer to the data annotation interface on a per-comment basis.